by Cerebellion

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released May 18, 2010



all rights reserved


Cerebellion Long Beach, California

Cerebellion has forged a dark yet melodic sound. Their collaborative writing approach inspires a unique sound that is both harsh and sensitive, crushing yet ambient, and crafty yet simple. From skull-crushing, bludgeoning grooves to the beauty of layered flamenco acoustic guitars, the deep and varied instrumental canvas created by Cerebellion naturally provokes wonder and contemplation. ... more

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Track Name: Just Under The Surface
You thought it was killed in the past
Yet it’s just under the surface
My will to choose my destiny
Won’t let you take that from me

I don’t know how you can sleep
Left so many with nothing
There’s one thing you can’t take from me

They robbed us and gave to the rich
Never even asked our permission
We’ve punched in and punched out on their time
Now we’re taking back our lives


Time will take it all away
Alive, this is mine
Time will take us all away
Alive, this won’t die

Hey. We have a choice
This is a call to conscience
Reclaim our voice

You’d drain me for all that I have
Bury me without hesitation
There’s one thing you won’t get from me
Won’t kill my imagination

(Chorus - repeats)
Track Name: Embrace The Imperfection
What would make this perfect?
I’m afraid that doesn’t exist
I fooled myself so many times
I thought there was an end

I must pull myself aside
Will to learn and will to live
To find life and beauty
In the imperfection

I find myself obsessing
On little things that don’t mean much
It’s hard sometimes to let go when,
When you’re mind is so damned focused

Divert my attention
I must get off this useless trip
And come back to the present
Embrace the imperfection


You’ll never really get there
It’s just a tale you’re tryin’ to live
But in the midst of your plans
Is your life that happens

Must I choose obsession over taking time?
Can I step away from it all? Can I live my life?
Am I entrapped by my compulsions?
Am I just wasting time?
Am I just wasting time?

Unnecessary obsession
Unnecessary compulsion
Unnecessary obsession, unnecessary waste of time


Like a cat chasing her own tail
A cycle of self-deceit
You believe there’s an ending
Can’t start until it’s done

Like a cat chasing her own tail
You’ll never really reach the end
So stop chasing your own tail
And try to see what you’re missing

Unnecessary obsession
Unnecessary compulsion
Unnecessary obsession, unnecessary waste of time

There’s no such thing as perfect
It’s just a chase without an end
I must divert my focus
Control the obsession, control the obsession
Track Name: Undeniable
Dreamer spoke for welfare of the oppressed
Kings would make him an example to the rest

Dared to dream beyond his prison walls
And lit a fire that burned into us

Mind would not let him end
Fighting for what could not be denied

The masters aimed to take his spirit away
What had begun could not be undone.
A new era was underway

Dared to dream beyond his prison walls
Lit a fire that burned into us


Could not, could not be denied, could not be denied.

Lying still in the cage of my captor
King of my mind, of my will I am master
Lying still in the cage of my captor
King of my mind, I am still my master
Lying still in the cage of my captor
King of my mind, I am still my master
Track Name: If Only
I saw him again
He looked well, was at peace
It’d been quite a while but I found him again

I said to him, “We thought you had died.”
“So, where have you been? We have so much to say.”

I have something to tell you
I think I understand you
I appreciate your struggles, your sacrifice
These did not go unnoticed

I sat with him
We caught up on the past
Then he said to me, “This is only a dream.”

But I have something to tell you
While we’re here together
I am sorry that I blamed you or spoke poorly of you
I know that you gave everything you had

I can begin to see the adversity and stack of odds you beat
I have begun to understand your pain, your pain

It just seemed so real
Though I knew it was a dream
As if time stood still
If only for one moment

Then I said, “I miss you.”
Then I turned and he was gone

I looked up, he was gone.
I woke up instantly
I woke up, he was gone.

The tears came out of me
Emotions flowed uncontrollably and
It’s strange even for me
But it helps me find the closure that I need

You were there for me
I’ll be here for you…even if only in my dreams
Even if only in my dreams
Track Name: Not The Final Destination
Obsession of a dream since I was just fourteen
Same at twenty-four, I just couldn’t let it go
Make it all the way
Failure not an option
I made up my mind that I was gonna see it through

What I didn’t know
I was living for an idea
Never did appreciate where I was at
For a realized dream, the cost is colossal
Giving up my life in the present time

Not the Final Destination
But the journey’s where we are
Not the final destination
But the journey’s where we live

Yeah- It’s got you, can’t breathe
There’s something there that I want
It gets better…You think!
Is it something here that I have?

Yeah- It’s not the way you think
Concede at hands that liberate me

They say ‘It is our nature to succeed
…and the weak only concede’
But do we hold tight?
Obsession ….Or is it life?

Never good enough
I always wanted more, then
Couldn’t be fulfilled ‘til I reached that prize
Then I found out what I took for granted
The people in my life and our precious time

What is at the core? The need for self-worth
It’s how I told myself I’d be alive
Captivating me until I let go
And the dream fell short of a destructive crash

(Chorus - repeats)
Track Name: We Rise Again
Dagger in my back
I pull it out and stitch the wound
I’ve walked through the fire
And exhaled the toxic fumes

And I always felt some pain
March on, stand up straight

A bat straight to my head
Sop the blood until it’s dry
I Stand before my judgers
Spoke the truth and was denied


And I always felt some pain
Just kept on standing straight
What difference does it make?

Life deals these severe blows
Sometimes it feels
As if a force so strong was holding me down and beating me

Pain has morphed to numbness
I don’t have to feel this
I fly around outside my mind

Not about entitlements
Or “did I deserve this?”
We rise again ‘cause we’re not done yet

What difference does it make?

Been here before, been here before, been here before
…We’re not done yet

We rise again. Never had entitlements
We rise again. We’re not done yet
Track Name: Coexisting
What is it that you are fighting for?
Do you even know what you believe in?
Why do you insist that all the others are wrong
Just because they don’t believe what you’re saying

How can you think there is only one way?
Then turn around and profess free religion
The blueprints are drawn for streamlining thought
Now we must confide in what bonds us together

Clones- Thinking the same, believing the same utopian dream
We’re not the same-
But there is a common thread running through us
Powerful rule will depend on and thrive over a body of one
People who move in a direction without dissent, dissent.
Fear has driven us apart
Time has come for a new start

Can we see our likeliness?
And allow our hearts and minds to be free
And not oppress these for the ego

Coexisting- with different views
We must tolerate and bridge the gap between us!

Acquisition is the goal under the flag of morality
Resist the molding of a culture who demands a monopoly of faith
Intuition is my tool and my thoughts are convictions
And I’ll voice them if I please
But I have no right to force them down your throat.
No right to force them down your throat

Why do you say you believe in love?
Then omit the part about understanding
How can you say there is only one way?
It’s time to confide in what bonds us together

Track Name: Still Burning
Fire in his yearning eyes
A skip in his step, it seems
Dreams so big, he gazes on
Can’t contain this elation

The whole world’s his playground
Always on the move
So full of hope and mystery
With so much to prove

And now’s he seen it
He has taken the world for what it is
Yet his fire still burns inside
At a different height

Now some years have passed him by
The skin grows calloused as he’s tried and tried
His fire tamed by reality
But not enough to forgo his dream

The whole world’s his battlefield
Each day’s a fight
Smaller still than what rages on in his mind


And his fire still burns inside
And his fire still burns inside at a different height

Longing for those yesteryears
When all hope had outnumbered fears
Before the world he had called his own
Turned tail and split, and left him alone

Now he sees as he’s come of age
With all he knows he won’t be the same
Naiveté gone with innocence
Still he tries to find his way
Track Name: Breach Of Security
Get a grip if you think I’m gonna quit
You’re mislead ‘cause I’m goin’ for it harder
Movin’ on and I’m gonna prove you wrong
I’d go insane if I were gonna play it safe

Rearrange. Yes I’m happily deranged
I rethought the way I thought that I was thinking
We are taught that you gotta play it safe
If you want to try and make a decent living

How can you be sure that I’m wrong?
You think I’m gonna play it your way

So you think that to make it in this world
Requires a certificate or a diploma
And ya’ think that money is success
and security regardless of the job

Well, I think that life is to live
And definitely not to be secured
‘Cause nothing’s secure and that’s for sure
We’re really living on the edge

How can you be sure that I’m wrong?
You think I’m gonna play it your way
I could never practice what you preach
And I’m never gonna play it safe

This wicked rift lives in my being
There’s something deep that drives me
There’s something pure, uncompromising.
To just exist, I’d rather die

How can you be sure that I’m wrong?
You think I’m gonna play it your way
I could never practice what you preach
And I’m never gonna play it safe