A Better Version

by Cerebellion

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As I travel down this road
With all the vigor I bestow
My focus is unbreakable

And in my mind I know it's true
As sure as I say 'I love you'
But maybe I am wrong


Am I a stone, inflexible?
Did I find my path?
Or did the path just find me?

It reads so true
For me and you
We could be so wrong
This fragile course we're on


Yeah, I am not a stone
There's more to know
Adapting to emergent truth

I try to put aside ego
And get to know their point of view
The path to take is clearer now

It shouldn't matter if we're wrong
A better version came along
We're moving on again


Chorus repeats

Did I find my path?
Or did this path just find me?
Did I find my path?
Or did this path just find me?

Chorus repeats

Adapting to emergent truth


released 26 July 2012



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Cerebellion Westminster

Southern California metal band Cerebellion is not one to be ignored. The group’s unique approach to writing music is something of an anomaly these days. The best one could do at labeling them is to simply call them “metal” for they cover too broad a spectrum to squeeze them into one of metal’s sub-genres. It is actually Cerebellion’s contempt for rules that drove the writing for their debut album. ... more

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